Our Engagement

A Way Of Living

Musterr is a brand for women that love casual chic clothes. We believe that it’s possible to have a fashion look without losing the fun part of clothes, which is the comfort.

We all want beautiful clothes that make us feel cozy and comfortable so we can wear them for many hours and this is what we offer. Our boutique is all about looking smart, beautiful and sophisticated with a combination of streetwear and classic apparel.


Our Values

Fast Delivery

We want to make sure that you receive your clothes as fast as possible. This is why the shipping delay is between 4-7 business days.

Local Workers

As a brand, we value local workers a lot. That’s why we only work with suppliers for the USA. This is our way to be more environmentally friendly, to help the US economy, to make sure the quality is at its best and to provide you with the best customer service.