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11+ Best Skateboard Decks Updated for 2022 Review

Last update : 2022/08/09

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Best Skate Decks Picks and FAQ :


Looking for the best skate decks to complete your skateboard ? You’re in the right place. In this post you’ll find the 12 best skate decks for any level.

This post will save you a lot of time since it won’t be necessary for you to do all the research. We did everything for you.

Whether you are on a limited budget or not, some are expensive and others are more affordable. Also, all the decks are from different brands.

So if you’re fan of a brand, there’s a lot of chance that you’ll find it on this post since we chose the best ones.

If you want to learn more about decks and the best brands on the market, it’s a great idea since it’ll help you make your choice.

Either you want to learn cruising or street skate, you won’t choose the same type of decks. So it could be great for you to learn more about it first.

Best Overall Skate Decks

1. Ripper Natural Olive Board

If you want to buy a deck from an excellent brand, well Powell Peralta will be a really good choice.

They have been on the market for a very long time and it’s one of the best brand on the market.

As said before, if you want to take skateboarding seriously, you need to buy a deck that is quiet expensive.

It’s like that in any sport including skateboard.

The deck is really solid since even the best skateboards use this brand.

The Canadian maple that they choose to build the deck is a really good quality. That’ why they always have solid and durable deck.

If you buy it today, you can be sure that you’ll have it for a very long time. You can learn on it any tricks that you like or want to learn since its really good for street skateboard. Plus, the design is really nice so if you like it, there’s another reason why you should buy this one.

Deck specifications :

  • WheelBase : 15″
  • Lenght : 32.95″
  • Width : 8.72″
  • Nose : 7″
  • Tail : 6,75″

2. Monster Skateboard Deck

Toy machine is also a very old skateboard brand created in 1989 and and they have several skateboard products.

You can also buy all the accessories from them. When it’s an old brand, you can be sure to trust them.

They have a big community that trust them, they’ve been in the game since a long time and there’s great for street skateboard.

The design is really cool and original so if you like, it can be a good reason to choose this one.

Even if the design doesn’t impact at all the performance, it’s always great to have a deck that fits your personality.

Also, they have other designs on the same page if you prefer. The concavity the deck is medium.

If you’re a beginner, this means that it’s a good deck for you. A medium concave deck helps you keep you balance.

This is your biggest challenge as a beginner that want to cruise or to learn tricks.

So this one is for you. If you have a lot of experience in skateboarding, its totally a good deck too.

Deck specifications :

  • WheelBase : 14″
  • Lenght : 31.38″
  • Width : 9″
  • Nose : 6.88″
  • Tail : 6,63″

Best Skate Decks Under $100

Through this section, you will discover 4 classic boards of very good quality to complete your skateboard setup.

1. Enjoi Skateboard Decks

Enjoi is a nice brand for any levels. What really cool about it is that on the same page, they propose a lot of different size.

If you’ve been skateboarding for a long time or if you did some research, you probably know that size matter.

Even a 0.25″ difference can have a big impact on your performance. So it’s really great that they have multiple size.

If you don’t know which one is good for you, choose 8″. The deck is very solid and the quality of the maple is really good.

It has a good pop which makes it really cool if you like learning tricks.

The design is minimalist and simple. If you like this brand but you prefer another design, there’s also other choices on the same page.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a grip tape so you’ll need to buy one.

Deck specifications :

  • WheelBase : 14.25″
  • Lenght : 32.00″
  • Width : 8.25″

2. Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo skateboards is a really good brand. It’s probably the first time that you’re seeing a bamboo deck. And, in reality, they exist.

The good reason why you should choose a bamboo deck is because it’s eco-friendly. Canadian maple take way more time to grow than bamboo.

So if you want to help the environment, choose this one. Also, they are known to be more robust and flexible than maple deck.

You can learn any tricks that you want and it’ll be more difficult to break than the classic ones.

Some people think that they are too flexible, but, it depends on your preference and on what you like.

For some people, the more flexible, the better pop and the better the trick.

3. Santa Cruz Board

Even if you’ve never used a skateboard before, you probably know this brand. It’s the most famous one on the market. There’s even people buying shirts and accessories from them even if they don’t skate.

Santa Cruz is just a really cool brand that people like.

So, it’s a 32 inch deck perfect for any levels.

If you’re a beginner and you want to start with a really good one, this deck is going to be a good choice. This one is a 7 layers canadian maple deck which is the classic numbers.

You’ll have a good balance between flexibility and solidity.

Plus, Santa Cruz build skateboards for the best skateboarders in the world so you can be sure that this one is really solid for you.

So, if you like this brand and want a really good deck, this one is great.

Deck specifications :

  • WheelBase : 14.5″
  • Lenght : 32.00″
  • Width : 8.375″
  • Nose : 6.9″
  • Tail : 6,514″
  • Concave : Medium

4. Baker Board

If you want a really solid deck at a good price, you can choose this one. And if you’re lucky, you can buy it with a discount since they often have one.

Baker is another really good brand on the market. They propose decks and skateboards that fit any levels.

So if you’re a beginner or not, you can choose Baker.

Also, it’s a brand that teenagers really like. However, if you’re an adult, you can use Baker of course.

Like others, they use 7 layers of canadian maple to build the deck. It’s the most used method and skateboarders prefer maple.

The concavity is medium which is good if you like learning tricks. You’ll have a better balance and a better control of your skateboard.

It’s going to be easier to flip the deck and to get a good pop.

Deck specifications :

  • Width : 8.25″
  • Concave : Medium

Best Skateboard Decks Under $80

If you are on a fairly tight budget, this is not a problem, because boards are accessible for you. In this section you will find 4 boards that cost less than $80.

Everything is possible in skateboard.

1. Enjoi Board

If you like decks that have a unique design, this one can be good for you. It’s the color of summer which is a great feeling.

The good thing with this deck is that on the same page, you have different sizes.

If you already know you size, than there’s a lot of chance that you find yours with all the choices.

If it’s your first deck, you can start with the 8” and you’ll figure out after if it’s the one for you.

Maybe you want to learn tricks and to practice street skateboard, the size of your deck is really important since you won’t have the same experience on the road even if the size difference is small.

Also, the price is affordable depending on the one you choose. Enjoi is a solid brand and propose decks at a really good price.

Deck specifications :

  • WheelBase : 14.20″
  • Lenght : 31.6″
  • Width : 8.375″
  • Concave : Medium

2. Stoked Ride Board

This is a nice blank deck that you can use if you want to cruise or learn street skateboard.

Plus, what’s nice with blank decks is that you can add the design that you want.

It’s going to be super easy for you to add the trucks and the wheels even if it’s your first time.

The board is very sturdy and the quality of the wood is really good. You can be sure that you’ll have it for a long period of time.

They way you can see if it’s a good quality, it’s if the wood cracks easily when you practice.

With this one, you won’t have this problem. It’s a great deck for the price so you’re not going to regret it.

Deck specifications :

  • Lenght : 32.00″
  • Width : 7.75″
  • Concave : Medium

3. Anti-Hero Board

So anti-hero is another excellent brand on the market. They are very famous for the eagle logo that you’ve probably seen around.

This is a really good deck. In any sport, there a really good products from excellent brand and in skateboard, it’s anti-hero.

The deck is for street skatebord and you can be sure that you’ll progress really fast with this one.

The pop is really good and you can go high.

The wood is very solid and the skateboarders in the word use this brand.

So, if you are a beginner or advanced, this one will be a really choice. The deck is comfortable and you’ll feel that you have a good control of your skateboard.

Deck specifications :

  • WheelBase : 14.25″
  • Lenght : 31.85″
  • Width : 8.5″
  • Nose : 7″
  • Tail : 6,625″
  • Concave : Medium

4. BYBAIZ Board

This deck is the cheapest one on this post.

If you’re new to skateboard and you really don’t want to pay a deck that is too expensive, here’s this one.

As you can know, it’s not going to be the best quality but it’ll do the job.

The quality of the deck is quite good. You’ll be able to learn tricks or to cruise if you prefer. This one is going to be easy to install even if it’s your first time.

You can buy a cheap deck if you’re not sure that you’ll like to skate. It’s a good way to try instead of buying an expensive one for nothing.

Deck specifications :

  • Lenght : 31.75″
  • Width : 8″
  • Concave : Medium

Other Skate Decks You Might Like

Maybe you don’t want the classic shape or want to try something new. If that’s so, here a 2 alternative decks that you might like.

MPI NOS Mahogany

At first look, it doesn’t seem to be a deck for skateboard but it’s the case. The wood is really beautiful and really solid.

The shape is really good if you like to cruise.

The reason is that you’re going to turn faster and more easily. It can great if you want to learn how to carve.

Plus, since it’s a blank deck, you can add the design that you want or you can leave it like that if you prefer.

Just one thing. Make sure it fits with your trucks since it’s an old shape.

Your skateboard is going to be really unique and you won’t have any problem to install it. So if you want to look cool and enjoy skateboarding, this one is a good choice.

Deck specifications :

  • Lenght : 23.125″
  • Width : 6″

Powell-Peralta™ Frankie Hill

Powell Peralta, a very well-known name today among young skateboarders.

They propose a lot of different skateboards and different shapes of deck including this one.

It’s an old shape that could be really cool to use if you want to cruise or to learn tricks. With this type of deck, you’re going to be really stable.

So, if the balance is your biggest challenge, this one will help you a lot.

The width is quite large so your feet will be comfortable if you like to ride during a long time.

The design is really beautiful so if you like it, it could another good reason to buy this deck.

Powell Peralta is a brand to trust. You’ll be happy with your choice, for sure.

Deck specifications :

  • WheelBase : 14.50″
  • Lenght : 31.50″
  • Width : 10″
  • Concave : Medium

What Is A Good Deck?

Skateboard decks are made of more than just wood. It is unique because of its width, concave shape, and other features.

Our tutorial explains it all for you, whether you want to buy a set or build your own skateboard.

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a skateboard is its width.

Your height, shoe size, and the type of riding you intend to do will determine the appropriate board size for you.

Generally speaking, smaller riders, women, and children should use the narrower widths.

A wider board will be safer for you if you are taller, heavier, or have larger feet.

What Deck Is Best For Street Skating?

The most popular skateboards in the US are those used for roller derby.

The company now has the position of second-largest supplier to the US skateboarding industry. They don’t just sell skateboards, either.

They also provide a variety of accessories. This is a great option if you’re searching for the best skateboard for cruising down the street.

It is made of materials of the highest caliber.

How To Install Your Board With Your Trucks?

Take the screws meant for the trucks and insert them into the board’s holes after flipping the board over.

This will enable the grip to be penetrated at the same level as the screws used for the trucks.

Place your screws through the holes after turning the board over once more. Use colored screws if you have them so you can quickly identify the nose and tail.

Take your trucks, but pay attention to making sure the kingpins are not facing each other. If they are, your trucks will be mounted backwards.

Utilizing your T-tool, tighten your screws until the nut is immobile.

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